Your opportunity for an expert to help you tackle your single biggest issue, obstacle or opportunity... 

at a price you can afford.

Consulting by the Cup

"John Carroll is one consultant who has a track record of helping executives and businesses succeed."

Giovanni Calise, Executive Director, Main St Rock Magazine

Implement, check in and you're on your way.

Sure, you could continue to stew and wonder what to do. Or you could take positive action at a price you can afford.

Focus on that one key issue, or obstacle.

Get yourself unstuck and moving again

What exactly is that one thing that's keeping you from advancing rapidly? Identify it clearly with a little help and get on with it.

You have the next seven days for follow up questions and progress checks. Your goals are about to take shape. Why wait any longer?

Get specific advice with specific action steps.

By the time you've finished your coffee, you're walking away with sage advice and tips you can implement right away. 

“Count me among your delighted clients who will recommend you to others looking to grow their organizations and their people."

Marion Moore, Principal, Century 21 Real Estate

Take action

Meet over coffee


Send ahead

Consulting by the Cup: How it works

You send anything and everything you can in advance for review  by John Carroll. 

Now you can ask questions for the  next seven days with unlimited access by phone, text and e-mail, taking positive action  right away.



Next you meet with him one-on-one, sharing your perspective and concerns. He'll ask you questions, adding insights and practical tips you  can implement immediately.

Together, we can solve this problem that's holding you back.

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Consulting by the Cup gives executives and entrepreneurs the answers they need 

at a price they can afford.